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God is good

s. Ewa

Kindness will save us

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a meeting with my Sisters from Europe in Budapest. At the prayer on the occasion of the World Day of Peace, we were to present graphically what...

s. Ewa

Between life and death

This Advent, although short, has already been exceptional. During these three weeks, a friend, who I knew during my studies in Warsaw, died of cancer; during mass with a great crowd of people, I...

s. Ewa

A walk with Jesus

During the days of my studies, when many things absorbed me up to late at night, I always use to say,  that I will finally get some sleep after I die. Although in the...

s. Ewa

Saint without high heels

Recently, looking for images in the internet for the word „holy”, I found something very interesting – this shoe! It’s a shoe that has a heel and has no heel at the same time....

s. Ewa

Laughing to death

Yesterday, we buried Sister Maria Kosińska in the cemetery in Warsaw. Around the time of her death, I experienced a number of graces, which are for me a smile of the Lord. I wanted...

s. Ewa

An angel’s perspective

Yesterday I had the opportunity to read an incredibly good article about „taskoholism”. It’s an addiction to making everything in your life a task on your todo-list. With every sentence I was more and...

s. Ewa

In search of harmony

One of the first places I was able to get involved in after my arrival in Poznań, was the choir, which is being founded in our parish. When it turned out that the young...

s. Ewa

A tool in God’s hands

Over the last few days I had heard two good sermons on yesterday’s Gospel. Both from Dominicans. One was at the end of our internation meeting in Poznań, which you will hear more about...

s. Ewa


Dear English-speaking readers! I know I have been really bad at translating things lately, but you can imagine how the end of the school year looks like… The big news is that I am...

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